Welcome to Rebel 4x4 George

The Independent Rebel 4x4 Club of George was established in 2008. The club is for all 4x4 enthusiasts who all share the same adrenalin of taking part in a technical challenge. 

Participants are from all over the Southern Cape area & take part in some or all of the annual events.

What you need to know?

  • The number 1 rule & most important is SAFETY for both the spectators & the drivers!!


  • The 4x4 vehicles are categorized into 6 different Classes.


  • The 6 different Classes are categorized as follows:


Class C (Standard) Short Wheel Base & Long Wheel Base)


Class CM (Standard Modified)

Class CL (Modified Locker)


Class BM (Extreme)


Class D (Pipe Cars)


Class A (Special Modified)




  • The vehicles have 10 obstacles consisting of 6 ‘gates’, 3m wide marked with pins, which they have to skilfully drive through.


  • Each driver starts with 60 points.  Touching a pin is called a “TOUCH” & the driver gets -20points.  Should the driver need to reverse to avoid touching a pin it’s called a “ROLL-BACK” & the driver gets -10points.
  • The object of the day is to obtain the most points by working through the 10 obstacles as skilfully as possible.


Any one is welcome to enter a challenge all you need is:
-4x4 vehicle (with a safety belt in working order)
-A helmet (for the driver & co-driver)
-No special licence needed
-Entry Fee: R300

Gate fee R30 Adults – Kids under 12 R10



Thank You

Rebel 4x4 Team

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